Little Tahoma Peak


At 18’ long the Little Tahoma Peak pushes the limit on what is possible in less than 220 square feet. The side entry in this home leads into an open living area with the kitchen on the end wall of the home. 54” tall overhead cabinets provide plenty of kitchen storage space for this little gem. A standard closet can be used for clothing or extra storage space as needed. The bathroom in this home includes a 36” shower, petite sink and sink cabinet, and toilet. The spacious loft in this home can readily accept up to a King sized mattress!



Little Tahoma Peak

 Total Square Feet  210 sq ft
 Downstairs  152 sq ft
 Loft  58 sq ft
 Sleeps  2-4, with futon
 House Width  8′ 5″
 Ceiling Height  10′ 8″
 Height To Loft  6′ 6″
 Loft Peak Height  47″
 Starting Price  $39,995

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Up To 100% Financing Available For Little Tahoma Peak*

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5% 15 years $316
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