How do I finance a Tiny Mountain RV?

Securing financing for your Tiny Mountain House RV is as simple as getting a car loan! We recommend talking with your local credit union to explore your financing options for an RV loan. Credit Unions typically have similar rates to banks but they typically allow much more time to pay it off.  For example, a bank may offer a 5-year loan with payments of around $1,500 per month where a credit union might finance the same amount for 15 years with payments being around $500 per month, that’s a pretty significant difference!

What’s the difference between a Tiny Mountain House RV and a Park Model?

Our Tiny House RV’s are sometimes mistaken for Park Model RV’s.  When in fact our homes are built and certified as travel trailers not park models. Travel Trailers are easier to finance and our homes are within legal size requirements as stated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, subsequently they do not require any special permits or licenses to tow them down the road, you haul them just like a normal travel trailer.

That being said this isn’t always as prevalent to the lending institutions. Sometimes they see a Tiny Mountain House RV and assume it is a Park Model and the loan is denied because they don’t understand what the home truly is.  Often time’s credit unions and banks need a bit of educating to make clear what a Tiny Mountain House RV is. We encourage you to contact us for advice on how to approach your lender to better increase your chances of gaining loan approval.

Why don’t some lenders like to lend on Park Model RV’s?

Credit Unions and banks tend to shy away from lending on Park Model RV’s because they are typically stationary and often encapsulated by a deck which makes them much more difficult to repossess if need be. Buying an RV makes the lenders much more comfortable lending if they know the Tiny Mountain House RV will be used for recreational purposes.

How do I finance a Tiny Mountain House RV?

If you are financing your Tiny Mountain House RV, please ask us and we will issue you a unique Vehicle Identification Number or purchase order for short. This number will be accessible to lenders as well as insurance companies. It is optimal to have this in place before submitting your loan application. The purchase oreder will help convey that the home is indeed a certified Travel Trailer RV.

What kind of warranty does a Tiny Mountain House RV come with?

We offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all craftsmanship in the home. That means if anything goes wrong in the first year of owning your Tiny Mountain House as a direct result of our workmanship we will have it repaired or replaced. All your appliances and fixtures are warranted by their respective manufacturers as well. For example our standing seam metal roof comes with a 30-year warranty from the manufacturer. We use as many of the same components used in a site built home to provide you with the comforts and security of residential construction, just in a smaller more portable package. All of our tiny house RV’s are built using quality materials to  provide you with a Tiny Mountain House RV that will last for many years to come.