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How do I finance a Tiny Mountain RV?

Get financing for your Tiny Mountain House RV by contacting your local credit union for an RV loan. Credit unions typically offer better rates and longer payment terms than big banks. Be sure to check with multiple sources and consider your credit rating and history when making your decision. Tiny Mountain Houses RVs are nationally certified, which adds credibility for your lender. Contact us for advice on approaching your lender for financing. Your lender will require a purchase agreement showing the total cost of your RV before funding your loan, which we can provide.

Prior to funding your loan, your lender will require a purchase agreement showing the total cost of your new Tiny Mountain Houses RV. Once we have finalized your cost a purchase order will be provided to satisfy your lender’s requirement.

Why are some Tiny houses RVs called travel trailers and others Park Models?

Simply answered the basics are a Park Model per its code definition NFPA/ANSI 1195 typically exceeds a width of 8’6″ and or a road height of 13’6″ and can also exceed 50 AMP electrical. Whereas a typical travel trailer per its code definition NFPA/ANSI 1192 is limited to 8’6″ or less in width and 13’6″ or less in road height and its electrical system is required to be 50 AMPs or under. 

Tiny Mountain Houses builds to both NFPA/ANSI 1192 &1195 offering significant flexibility for our owners in its model size offerings and options depending on your specific needs. Another factor as a result of these size differences is transportation/shipping.

In most cases when sizes exceed typical travel trailer dimensions transportation can get a little tricky requiring in some cases pilot cars, and specialized transport vehicles, at this point, you would be best in leaving the larger units to the professionals for permitting routing and getting your Tiny house to you safe and sound and in one piece.

For peace of mind, Tiny Mountain Houses has the experience to handle all of these incidentals ensuring your investment arrives to you the way it was designed, worry-free!

Are there square footage limitations for Tiny House RVs?

Yes, An RV by its code is limited to less than 400 square feet it cannot exceed 399 SQ FT. Square footage is determined by calculating the living space of the main floor including interior and exterior walls and closets and cabinetry floor space, not including outdoor spaces such as recessed entries and decks or porches.

What kind of warranty does a Tiny Mountain House RV come with?

We provide our owners with a 1-year manufacturer’s craftsmanship warranty on all new Tiny homes we offer. That means if anything goes wrong in the first year of owning your Tiny Mountain House as a  result of our workmanship we will have it repaired or replaced. Your appliances and fixtures are warranted by their respective manufacturers.

For example, our standing seam metal roof comes with a 40-year warranty from the manufacturer. Our standard siding also includes a 40-year warranty. We utilize many of the same components found in a typical site-built home to provide you with the comforts and long-lasting durability of typical residential construction, just a little smaller and more portable.

All of our tiny house RVs are built using quality materials to provide you with a Tiny Mountain House RV that will last for many years to come. Extended warranties of up to 7 years are also available. Tiny Mountain Houses will directly handle and coordinate any craftsmanship warranty issue of all RVs we offer. In the event, warranty service is needed we are your contact. For a copy of our warranty please ask.