Pyramid Peak


This 24’ home is the perfect care cottage, assisted living or a single level studio tiny home. The standard side entry opens to the spacious area offering dining /living and sleeping areas and an easy access functional entry closet. The galley kitchen with its standard 2 burner cook top, under counter refrigerator and stainless steel deep sink provide just enough space for very comfortable and open living space. Lower counter tops can make this the perfect choice for you or your loved one. Standard loft storage space is provided with ladder access above the bath. This 5’ bathroom offers significant open space and includes a full 60″ shower with an optional roll-in shower or tub shower available. Grab bars and a handicap toilet can easily be added offering excellent flexibility for many situations. A separate bedroom is also an option by adding a wall to the living room for this option. The openness of this unique plan can be expanded in 2’ foot increments to full 28’ tiny home. A second loft can also be added for additional living or storage space above the living room. This plan with the open living room concept can be built with large 80″ windows and easily outfitted with remote control window treatments for privacy. If you have specific needs please don’t hesitate to discuss them with our knowledgeable staff.

House Length (Exterior): 24′
Total SQF: 250
Main Level SQF: 201
Primary Loft SQF: 49
Interior Height: 10’8″
Height Under Loft: 6′ 6″
Loft Height: 48″
Exterior Height: 13’6″
Exterior Width: 8’6″
Sleeps: 4 – 8
Base Price: $67,950.00


Trailer: Heavy-duty tubular steel, custom built for each home. Includes individual braking axles, with tie downs at all 4 corners and corrosive resistant automotive finish and 4 mounted scissor jacks.

Floor: 1 ¼” T&G plywood

Siding: 40 year LP Smart Panel with 5/4 rough sawn trim

Exterior: Whole house wrap

Flashing: Metal flashing all windows and doors

Insulation: R-15 blown fiberglass in walls & ceiling, R-13 batten in floors

Windows: High efficiency dual-glazed, vinyl, low-e, argon gas residential type

Roof: Durable standing seam metal

Roof: Fully lofted

Porch Lights: Switched exterior porch lights at all exterior doors

Exterior Door: Fiberglass, insulated with deadbolt, peephole and knocker.

Door Hardware: Brushed Nickel

Exterior Outlet: 1 standard

Accent: Corrugated metal