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The tiny house movement is alive and well in Washington State! Now is a great time to make the move and join the tiny house movement! With a tiny house in Washington State, you can reap the many benefits of owning a tiny house on wheels! These units are mobile, and since they are built on wheels they can be transported at will. This can be especially beneficial in Washington State where there are so many scenic recreation areas! Tiny houses on wheels are environmentally friendly, all our homes are energy efficient and built to last much longer than a traditional RV or travel trailer. Finally, these tiny houses on wheels can offer a great money-saving solution. These units are a great way to save funds and gain financial freedom vs a traditional home. ​​Overall, tiny houses on wheels can offer a flexible, sustainable, and affordable housing option for residents of Washington state.

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Our Seattle Tiny Houses For Sale

We have two showrooms currently located in the Pacific Northwest. Our corporate headquarters is in Silverton, OR and our showroom is located in Fall City just 25 miles outside of Seattle. We strive to keep units on hand at each of these locations at all times. If you are interested in touring at either one of these locations contact us to set up an appointment. To view the units we currently have on hand visit the link below.

Floor-plans for Tiny Homes on Wheels

We offer a variety of floor plans for our tiny houses on wheels to meet your needs and your lifestyle!

Floor-plans for Tiny Homes

Our floor plan offerings vary, we offer traditional lofted models as well as units with all single-level living. Our sizes range from as short as 18’ to as long as 40’. We aim to push the limits of tiny house design and often incorporate things rarely seen in tiny houses, like claw foot bathtubs, high-end appliances, custom handcrafted furnishings, and much more! See all our floor plans and pricing by clicking the link.

Tiny Home Floor-plans

How much does a tiny home cost in Washington State?

The cost of a tiny house can depend on several factors including layout, appliances, finishes, as well as furnishing in some cases. We post all our base prices for our models online, these units come completely finished and turn key ready to be lived in. To find out what comes in each model visit the model page and review the specifications at the bottom of the page. To get a quote on your home with the options you are after contact us today!

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What is the Process for Getting a Tiny Home?

Overall, buying a tiny house on wheels requires careful research, planning, and decision-making. However, the end result can be a unique and sustainable home that meets your needs and lifestyle. We will go into details of the process below:

Research Your Tiny Home

It is always important to take time to choose a qualified trustworthy builder to construct your tiny house on wheels. The first step is to decide what layout you want in your tiny house or what things are most important to you in your build. That way you can convey that to the builder early and it will be a focal point. When researching builders it is often times helpful to ask for references from previous builds and possibly some pictures and videos as well. Once you find a builder that constructs what you are after and get a quote of the exact cost.

Funding Your Tiny Home

Once you know how much your tiny home will cost you will need a way to pay for the home. If you are paying cash see what your builder’s terms are and pay for the home. If the home is going to be financed there will be extra steps depending on the lender. Often times the lender may request a purchase agreement or additional paperwork. Each lender is different so let your us know who you intend to work with and they will help you appease them from there.

Ordering Your Tiny Home

Once the funds are in order you are ready to place an order on your tiny house. Connect with us and finalize all the paperwork and get your home slotted for production. At this time we will decide on all colors finishes etc so you will know exactly what your tiny house on wheels will look like inside and out. As the build begins we will send you pictures and updates along the process

Installing Your Tiny Home

Once the home is completed it will need to be delivered to its location and connected to utilities. The home is usually transported to the location by us and as long as we can access the site we can help level the unit as well. Once the home is set utilities should be connected and tested.  In some cases, certain utilities will need to be connected by a professional. Next all that’s left is to enjoy the tiny house lifestyle!

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Our Tiny House Warranty for Washington State

At Tiny Mountain Houses we want to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your home is covered! That is why we offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all the craftsmanship we construct. Additionally, all the components we use are brand new and have been thoroughly researched for tiny house applications. All those components are warranted by their manufacturers as well with warranties lasting as long as 40 years on some components like roofing and siding!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You aren’t alone, take a look at our FAQ’s below. If your question is still unanswered feel free to contact us using the form on this page.

Are tiny homes legal in Washington State?

Tiny houses on wheels are legal in Washington state, but there are certain regulations and restrictions that apply depending on the location and intended use of the home. Here are some general guidelines:

Zoning laws: Zoning laws in Washington state vary by city and county. Some areas may allow tiny houses on wheels as accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on private property, while others may only permit them in RV parks or campgrounds. It is important to research local zoning laws and obtain any necessary permits or approvals before purchasing or building a tiny home on wheels.

Building codes: In Washington state, tiny houses on wheels must meet certain building codes in order to be considered safe and habitable. The Washington State Building Code Council has adopted Appendix Q, which provides standards for tiny homes on wheels that are 400 square feet or less. These standards cover things like ceiling height, egress requirements, and fire safety.

Road safety: Because tiny houses on wheels are considered vehicles, they must meet certain safety requirements in order to be legally transported on public roads. These requirements may include having a registered trailer, appropriate lighting and braking systems, and complying with weight and size limits.

Overall, tiny houses on wheels can be a legal housing option in Washington state, but it is important to do your research and ensure that you are complying with all relevant regulations and codes. Working with a reputable builder or consultant can help ensure that your tiny home meets all necessary requirements and is a safe and legal place to live.

How long do tiny homes last?

Just like a traditional home a tiny home comes down to maintenance and upkeep. Our homes are built with predominantly traditional residential materials so they can be cared for just like a traditional home. If the home is maintained well it will last 40+ years. As long as all precautions are taken while transporting the home it can be transported safely for just as long!

How big is a tiny house on wheels?

The term tiny house can vary depending on who you ask. For our application, we construct tiny houses on wheels and we are confined by weight because the homes need to be transported down the road. For this reason, we offer lofted homes as long as 30’. For nonlofted homes, we go as long as 40’. We limit these sizes so the units can be transported safely down the road.

Where to buy a tiny house on wheels?

There are several tiny house builders and dealers all throughout the Nation. It is important to perform ample research and chose a builder you can trust. We recommend contacting any local builders in your area and arranging a tour of their offerings and their facilities. Once you have chosen a builder be sure to have a contract in place to protect you as a buyer.

How tall can a tiny house on wheels be?

Tiny houses can range in height based on their application. In order to transport a home down the road it must be under 14’ in height. All our units are under this limit to add to the flexibility of our builds.